To grow Marijuana inside you need a well ventilated room with few windows. If you do it right, growing inside isn’t as risky as you’d think.
A huge plus of indoor growing is that it can potentially yield several crops a year. To do a tryout grow (for first timers) you don’t need any special tools.
Just buy some Marijuana seeds from a prestigious place, and you’re ready to grow. Marijuana plants in a sense are just like any other plant meaning, all they need is
proper lighting, fertile soil, and water to grow.
In a small beginner set up,you would have a pot of potting soil and a couple of fluorescent lamps.
After you get the hang of it, you can add more advanced tools like: hydroponic or aeroponic propagation, filters, training and cropping plants, advanced nutrient systems and so forth.
But if advanced tools are to complicated for you, then all you need to get started growing indoors are a pot of soil, some water and a nice bright lamp.


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